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01/05/2006: "Philomena Cunegunde Wewe"

jbrclark (25k image)Salvete winolenti nautae et antiqui populi,

Well, well, well, it seems that that Digital Whore of Babylon we lovingly
call "the internet" is all a twitter with the goodies which await us in
James Risen's new book State of War . If only half of Mr. Risen's
accusations are on target, then George W. Bush not only deserves to be
impeached, but Laura should be forced to wear an "I'm with Shithead"
t-shirt whenever she and her husband appear together. Before we recap
what we've learned in the past few days, let's take a minute to meditate
on the only happy kernal of corn in this sloshing bucket of feces: one
day, our grandchildren - living safely in Europe - will look back upon the
activities of the Bush adminstration with the same curiosity which we
approch diarams depicting daily Neanderthal life at the Museum of Natural
History. Duck and cover, junior reports, here it comes:

The Bush and pals had a disturbing tendency to ignored intelligence which
didn't make a compelling case for war. For example, as the CIA only had
one agent in Baghdad, prior to the invasion, the decision was made
to send some 30 Iraqis back to their homeland to see what they could
uncover about Saddam Hussein's nuclear program. Among these people was
Dr. Sawsan Alhaddad, an anesthesiologist living in Cleveland. When Alhaddad
asked her brother, a scientist who worked for the Iraqi government, about
the weapons program he was reportedly stunned and informed her that the
nuclear program had been abandoned over a decade ago. All of the other
ametuer spies reported the same thing. This information was later
dismissed as Saddam's propaganda

Bush, who seems to be under the impression that the Geneva Conventions
involved a buch of Shriners riding around in little cars, appearently
suggested that pain medication be withheld from detainees.

That whistleblower who informed the Times about shenanigans at the NSA
has turned out to be a whistle orchestra consisting of a dozen or more
officials who believed that the spying program was illegal and were, in
Risen's words "motivated by the purest reasons". One of these motivated
individuals has appearently asked to testify before Congress.

And if that weren't enough to make your head spin like a spinny head
thing, trip on this: the government - our government - may have
spied on CNN correspondent Christiane Amanpour.

The Latin word of the day is:
regius -a -um - royal

Replies: 6 Comments

on Friday, January 6th, MrStinky said

As it turns out, the domestic spying program consists of Bush, a pair of bonaculars, and a chair strategically placed outside of bathroom windows. "Don't worry," Bush said with his dolt-ish grin. "I'm watching your ass."

on Friday, January 6th, Dean said

Yeah. Somehow I can't imagine George Bush spying on anyone without thinking about Norman Fell at the beginning of every episode of 'Three's Company' where he's looking through the binoculars at boobies on the beach and then is surprised when his wife walks in.

on Friday, January 6th, Mike said

Yes, George Bush should be impeached. But the *real* important news out this week is that The Sisters of Mercy will be playing the Electric Factory on March 8th.

on Friday, January 6th, Rodney said

Before you purchase those tickets, you should know that I caught the Sisters at the Factory a few years ago: not a good show. Consider yourself warned.

on Friday, January 6th, Mike said

Interesting. I saw them during their last tour -- 2000, maybe? -- at the 9:30 club in DC. Worth every penny. I think I'll risk it. He's had six years, there must be at least one new song.

on Friday, January 6th, Doc said

FYI-the Eletric Factory is part of the Clear Channel cabal...

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