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11/20/2005: ""Oh, you're sick alright…""

"…What's wrong with you now, Prince charming?"

I have the flu. Not bad "Oh, Zeus please slay me" flu, more like
kinda-run-down flu. I went to see the Dead Kenndys last Wednesday
night and, instead if a t-shirt, I picked up a virus as a souvenir.
As soon as I'm over this, I plan on returning to blogging on a
regular basis.

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on Sunday, November 20th, crapmonkey said

get well. :)

on Sunday, November 20th, briannirvana said

im a dk fan too, i needed a tetnus shot after one of thier shows.

on Sunday, November 20th, ERIC said


on Sunday, November 20th, billzebub said

If the Dead Milkmen had decided to reunite without Rodney, I would not see them. Same thing with Dead Rodney, forget it.

on Sunday, November 20th, hedgroz said

I'm with Bill. Jello (though he is kind of a fruitcake sometimes) WAS the DK. If I saw them these days, I'd definitely be sick to.

Get well, holmes.

on Monday, November 21st, ___ said

why would you go see the fake dk's at all?

on Monday, November 21st, me said

get well rodney and we hope to see you back to regular blogging..

on Monday, November 21st, dogfaceboy said

the constant, unremitting artfag drama and legal dick-grabbing between jello and the DKs for the past 300 years or so has made me less than eager to give any of them any money these days :(

on Monday, November 21st, Nigel Tailwind said

Chicken soup Rod!

Maybe they should be called The Dead Kennedys Jrs and sing songs about flying to Mahtha's Vinyahd on instruments you're not certified to fly on. Which way is up? Glug Glug Glug! Uncle Ted swim out and save us!

on Monday, November 21st, Twitch said

If the flu creates more regular updates, then what would full blown AIDS do? Personall IM's to everyone for life?
Hope you feel better soon so I can be more entertained on a daily basis. These cock fights just don't cut it anymore.

on Monday, November 21st, Rodney said

So much wrong, so little time. First, when Vienna’s friend, Erica, first asked me if I was going to see the DK’s I said “Only if they get a new lead singer.” I think Jeff Penalty did a great job – and he didn’t keep stopping to lecture the audience. If the Milkmen reunited with a new lead singer, especially one who could actually sing, I’d go see ‘em and encourage others to.

on Monday, November 21st, Sully said

Seeing the band obviously doesn't have the same meaning as it once would have, but as more or less of a nostalgia act, I don't think it matters who's singing the songs, although I'd much prefer to hear Jello singing them than someone else. At the same time, if they came to Nebraska, I'd go see them just because I was too lazy/young to check them out back in the day.

on Monday, November 21st, Doc said

I think Rodney went to see one of Philly's best bands as well-Live Not On Evil.They are very cool...

on Tuesday, November 22nd, dean Santamaria-Capetanelis said

Well I ahhh... Went up into the... Ahhhh Bahh to get a couple drinks. And when I got out... Mary Jo and the... Aaaahhh Cahh... Were gone!

on Wednesday, November 23rd, Brian said

I saw the "new" DK at the Holidays in The Sun festival in Jersey a few years back because my old band was playing. They were quite good and it took a lot of guts for them to get up in front of that VERY hostile audiance and do their thing.

As the new lead singer said, the songs are just too good to not be played live.

on Wednesday, November 23rd, Paul Kircher said

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Happy Thanksgivingggg

on Monday, November 28th, Scrumptiousoldier said

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