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04/12/2005: "DING DONG THE PIG IS DEAD!"

Shambling Mound slain with +2 sword of osteoarthritis.

fatpig (19k image)Sorry about not posting anything yesterday, but I've been busy celebrating
the death of totalitarian ham-beast Andrea Dworkin (as well as building a
new wall in my hortus). Dworkin, who was 58, died from reaching critical
mass and collapsing in upon herself. She is survived by her partner, a
woman with the unusual name of "John" and perhaps the strongest stomach
which nature has ever granted a human being.

Now, before I launch into my thoughts about Dworkin (who will be buried
with an apple stuck in her mouth), I want to warn you that I don't want to
see any comments suggesting that my remarks about Dworkin's hulking girth
(and they will be numerous) is a cheap shot. I'm just following in the
long tradition of people who considered Dworkin to be an animated dung heap
. One writer for the London Review of Books said of Dworkin: "[she]
hates men and sex" and is "overweight and ugly". To which the Feminist
behemoth replied, "I almost wanted to call the man up in a spirit of
friendship and say 'please don't burn your Balzac'. I wanted to say:
'please, don't go through your library and tear up the people who you don't
want to go to bed with'. Male writers just never get treated that way, it's

That would be a valid point had Balzac worked to cultivate the image of
being as attractive as the scum scrapped from the bottom of a barrel. He
didn't, but Dworkin did. She worked harder at being unattractive than Joan
Rivers has at looking like a medical school cadaver. In other words, if you
have a doctor implant antennae in you head, don't bitch when people call
you a Martian.

Gloria Steinem once said of Dworkin (remember; I'm not making this
up), "In every century, there are a handful of writers who help the human
race to evolve; Andrea is one of them."

WTPFMYV? Dworkin, one of the "of writers who help the human race to
evolve"? The same Dworkin who once mooed, "Intercourse remains a means,
or a means, of physiologically making a woman inferior: communicating to
her, cell by cell, her own inferior status ... pushing and thrusting until
she gives up and gives in - which is called surrender in the male lexicon."

Well, yeah, if it's done right. My beef, if you'll pardon the pun, with
Dworkin has always been over pornography. In my learned opinion, the
worst thing that you can say about pornography is that most of it
isn't very original and it fools pizza deliverymen into the false belief
that they will be bringing their pies only to Sorority houses where they
we be met at the door by scantily clad coeds: instead of a more concrete
scenario involving trailer parks and aged White supremacists. Dworkin, on
the other hoof, was a tireless campaigner against pictures of boobs.
Dworkin once said, while under oath, the following about porn:
"Pornography is used in rape - to plan it, to execute it, to choreograph
it, to engender the excitement to commit the act."

Got that? There was no such thing as rape before the Sports
Illustrated Swimsuit Issue hit the news stands. Any questions?

The great irony here is, of course that Dworkin's books were banned in
Canada under the anti-porn laws which she helped to write
. Stupid cow.

And why is no one discussing the fact that Dworkin lied about being raped?
Back in 2000, Dworkin claimed that she had been drugged and raped by two
men in a Paris hotel room. Dworkin never contacted either hotel security
or the police, offered inconstant accounts, and provided no evidence (when
all that she would need to produce to convince me would be the copious
amount of vomit that would be the inevitable result of two men gazing upon
her walrus-like body).

Is there any more egregious insult to the millions of women who have been
raped than this? And yet Dworkin will be remembered as a crusader for the
rights of women by the two or three people who gather around her huge grave
when here piano case-sized coffin is lowered into the ground.

_ . _

gonzale5 (19k image)

Special Andrea Dworkin Edition

She she redefined Feminism in Big Black Beef Stretches Little Pink Meat,
Rectal Rooter 7, and Guns and Rough Sex.

While she fought for women's rights in Sorority House Slaves and
Foot Power II!

Happy birthdays to ...

Mandy Bright who turns 27 today.

And to Jewel Marceau who turns 30

The ancient Greek word of the day is:
bia - force, violence

If the above word looks like ippojshit to you,
then you need to go here
and download the SPIONIC font for either MAC or PC. Dude.

The Latin word of the day is:
hortus - garden

Replies: 28 Comments

on Tuesday, April 12th, Nigel Tailwind said

Sorry for the repost

Camille on Dworkin

Dworkin, wallowing in misery, is a "type" that I recognize after 22 years of teaching. I call her the Girl with the Eternal Cold. This was the pudgy, clumsy, whiny child at summer camp who was always spilling her milk, dropping her lollipop in the dirt, getting a cramp on the hike, a stone in her shoe, a bee in her hair. In college, this type - pasty, bilious, and frumpy - is constantly sick from fall to spring. She coughs and sneezes on everyone, is never prepared with tissue, and sits sniffling in class with a roll of toliet paper on her lap. She is the ultimate teacher's pest, the morose, unlovable child who never got her mama's approval and therefore demands attention at any price.,..., Dworkin is Pee-Wee Herman's Large Marge, the demon trucker who keeps returning to the scene of her fatal accident

on Tuesday, April 12th, billzebub said

I nearly shit myself, that piece was so funny.

on Tuesday, April 12th, kendra said

I really enjoyed Andrea Dworkin's writing, myself. Susie Bright had some good and bad things to say about her in a blog post yesterday:

I do think a lot of people don't bother reading dworkin and assume what they've heard she said, is actually what she did say. It's hard to argue with that.

I didn't agree with everything Andrea Dworkin said, but she was a good writer and a smart women and I have to admit I favor her over Paglia.

on Tuesday, April 12th, razlerja said

So, according to her, every woman who ever said that they actually liked sex (with men) was LYING!!!

on Tuesday, April 12th, Samuel said

This lady seems like a compulsive liar who has spent her life lashing out at people because she was ignored, pushed aside and not desired by anyone.

I came across stuff by her when a friend of mine became a "feminist." Even she blew her off as a nutjob. Of course, she also loved sex and pornography despite being a feminist, so perhaps she wasn't the undesirable wretch that buys into all this.

While some may say her physical stature is just man's way of judging women in our controlling manner, it is a very relevant topic here. Why do you never hear the attractive women, who are easily able to control men through their appearance and desirability dragging forth these same charges?

Women have controlled plenty in their lives. Even if it is from behind the scenes. Wars have been fought for the love of women, etc.

Also, on a basic biological/survival level, Ms. Dworkan comes off as a complete fucktard as she basically says the one thing we must do to survive as a species is harming to women. The simple act of reproduction is rape...perhaps she beat her dogs for reproducing.

Her rape story that was made up is definitely a late attempt to regain her dwindling popularity...she became the feminist version of Gary Coleman at the end, making shit up get some notoriety. Congrats!

I also loved the Lie Detector section that uses selected works to show that she didn't in fact say things that were written elsewhere. Rewriting history through other media outlets is not creating truth.

People like this wretch make me wonder why there isn't a high suicide rate than there currently is. Honestly, if you have to spread hate and guilt over the most routine of human necessities, you should just end it now.

I hate to post this since I'm not a fan of this guy, but Marilyn Manson of all people had some nice comments on how women should gain power through being women, not by trying to become men. It's at

Worth checking out.

on Tuesday, April 12th, billzebub said

"Women have controlled plenty in their lives. Even if it is from behind the scenes. Wars have been fought for the love of women, etc."

Pussy is the motivation for all endeavors, my friend.

on Tuesday, April 12th, kendra said

I have to admit that I haven't read Paglia or Dworkin in about 15 years at least. Clearly other people have read Dworkin more recently. I do know a lot of people seem proud of never reading anything she wrote (not that that happnes on this board), but I have always found that a little annoying.

When Dworkin started writing things were different; even Susie Bright points out there wouldn't be a Susie Bright of 'sex positive' feminists without Dworkin critically looking at porn. Up until the late 70s, it was legally impossible for a man to rape his wife; today's blahblah about porn and whatever all seem to involve lots of discussion about consent. When Dworkin started writing, it didn't matter if you consented or not. Dworkin's first writings were looking at Linda Lovelace, who claimed she was forced at gunpoint to do the film. I am hopeful that even pro-porn arguments would involve consent, and without consent there is a problem. You can be pro-porn and not think all porn is a good.

I'm stopping myself of making a list of pretty feminists, because that seems stupid.

on Tuesday, April 12th, Grundy Sherwood said

Just because Dworkin was a nutter doesn't make Paglia the icon of reason. They are/were both extremists (opposite extremes), and neither has particularly advanced the cause of feminism. To hell with both of them. By the by, if we're going to make judgements based on appearance (not that there's anything wrong with that - hey, when don't we?), Paglia isn't exactly a looker either. She looks like a chicken on meth, with all the sex appeal of wicker and half the charisma. Dworkin and Paglia, they both ugly.

on Tuesday, April 12th, Andrew said

This might be the meanest thing you've written yet. Meaner than, "Will blog for ham." Keep it up, I always look forward to your updates.

PS. Here is a link I know you'll enjoy. You can thank me later.

on Tuesday, April 12th, ebbv said

just because you can string a bunch of words together into a book doesn't make it worth reading.

i've never read dworkin and i doubt i ever will. i value my mental clock cycles too much to spend them on her drivel.

i think whatever time and effort would go into obtaining one of her books, reading it and then hurling it across the room and then buying a new lamp would be better spent on other activities such as tripping the elderly and putting candy in the street near playgrounds.

on Tuesday, April 12th, Nigel Tailwind said

and Rod? I'm so glad you didn't capitalize totalitarian ham-beast.

on Tuesday, April 12th, razlerja said

"The power of man lies in the clenched fist; the power of woman in the velvety cannal between her legs." ~Marque DeSade

If we ever have to pick sides in a 'sex war', I'm with the ladies (if they'll have me).

on Tuesday, April 12th, Samuel said

I've devoted the better part of today researching this woman, wanting to be wrong in my above synopsis, but I can't find anything to disprove me. Her quotes page is downright disturbing. I grew up catholic and believed I'd never find more text devoted to self-loathing and fear mongering than I did there...Dworkin beats them, hands down.

But who I am to judge, I'm just happy my wife said yes to my proposal of "rape as a practice."

on Tuesday, April 12th, crapmonkey said

i still cant believe that i was (for a bit anyway)a women's studies major in college.

on Tuesday, April 12th, a pen that looks like poo said

the death of that soulless old prude is yet another thing to be happy abut come Hedonism Day in May. Does anyone know if Katherine McKinnon is still alive?

on Wednesday, April 13th, mykel armory said

so rodeny your hate dows not have limits. I woould think so. in all days i have not see a man with so much love of death of people that you have. the pope terry shivo andra dorkin and who next. you call her fat but you are fat and you call her ugly and what right have you.. no right thats what. here today you make fun at rape and death of a woman. sicko. why dont you loose some fat yout self. why dont you write good books and make money. why dont you stop being a person who wants others peoole to die! and what do you! have to do when the day goes down. nothing you sit and wirite this stuff about good people. i hate you and i never hate people. you are a sick evil nasty fat man. you will anser to alot of people when you see the god.

on Wednesday, April 13th, Nigel Tailwind said

I jokingly told my guitarist a few days ago I wanted to rename our band Orquesta Pendejo. But now Sick Evil Nasty Fat Man has the inside track.

on Wednesday, April 13th, Samuel said

I just don't get why people who get so outraged by someone and try to make a point don't use the time to actually write a coherent response. I spend more time filling in the missing words and thinking of proper grammatical context of remarks like those from Mykel than I do paying attention to the point.

Dworken was a fear-monger that would make any clergyman take note and feel humbled. She spent her life telling women that their natural impulses, such as the desire to have sex with men, made them victims and controlled. She was a vile woman who sold herself to the scum of the earth (a. presumming anyone would buy, they'd have to be rather repulsive/seedy/insane... b. if she is, in fact, telling the truth in these stories.) and used that to base her opinion on all men. She was ignorant AND arrogant.

I read a lot of her stuff yesterday and am sickened by 90% of it. How does she get that people will live better if she tells men they are wired to be controlling rapists and women that they are wired to be subservient victims OR liberated lesbians. What a joke.

on Wednesday, April 13th, razlerja said

The only thing redeeming about 'some' posts are the misspelling, missing words and lack of grammatical context.

PS: My hate dows have no limit either! See the god!!!

on Wednesday, April 13th, briannirvana said

rodney si aslo blad.

on Wednesday, April 13th, razlerja said

Oh, and Nigel, that name is good, but nothing I've heard so far beats 'The Bope'! Although, given enough time, I'm sure Mykel will top that eventually.

on Wednesday, April 13th, briannirvana said

now i think Myle is drew barrymore.
Mykle i wanna fuck you in the mouth!

on Wednesday, April 13th, me again said

i wanna get a responce from mykle, let us all try to get mykle to respond to us.
Mykle is one of these dickhead christians that rape thier kids and take em to church in their sunday best each week.
fuck you mikyle.
mykle is one of these christians who have a wife and three kids. the wifwe finds a skeleton in the woods behind the house. she consults mickle. he is a doctor. he says "honey, that's my old demonstration model. 3 years later the klady learns that the corpse was a missing homosexual man.
Mykel what happened?
man i had to drink today!

on Wednesday, April 13th, briannirvana said

the difference between rodney and a fat man.
who the fuck knows.

on Wednesday, April 13th, brian said

we can say things that rodney cant.
so i said it.

on Wednesday, April 13th, brian said

the thing is the way that mykle said that rodney suck because rodney disses people.
THis idiot is not a christian.
christians take things weith a grain of salt. mykle is an idiot.
i would love to hear your phiosophy:
allow me.
i rape my chilodren and film it.

on Wednesday, April 13th, ? said

i have 32 ounces top drink yet. and all the time in the world.
wanna hear a song?

Huffy Henry hid...the day.
~john berryman

on Thursday, April 14th, mykel armory said

you say this about me. well. you are wrong. i am not doing no things abbout the homosexul man in the skelton woods. i am not even having a wife. one kid but he is with his mom. it s a bad scen. and i dont beat him and he dont. no rape for churching. no what sunday best? this is about lifeS! it s a bout when you look at rodney and his sayings the yare not right. he is doing wrong. he is talk about dorkin and dying. he knows that death is sad. he knows but he wond say. never says. he needs a reedeem on him self. you are say that I rape? and beat1 but no. i do not either. you are sick to think this. you are under the spells of the real sick man rodeny. and you say he is bald too. and what you mean the bope. what the hell is bope. and youi make fun at me but YOU are stupid. you never spel my name right. mykel mylek. get it right be fore oyu are going to ttry to be a bettrer thant me. you are jerks. iam not christina. i am not religoin. i am me. iam a man hwo has had heart and remembers the god. what are YOU? stupid. stupid. stupid.

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