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04/01/2005: "The Cruelest Month: And We Like It That Way"

For those of you who enjoy playing cruel April Fool's jokes on the public,
here's one:

First you'll need a picture of Terri Schiavo's 2002 CAT scan.

tsscan (15k image)

Next you'll need a picture of the Shroud of Turin.

turin (13k image)

Colorize the picture of the Shroud of Turin and add it to the picture of
Terri's CAT scan.

terrscan (27k image)

Now email the pic to gullible Fundies under the heading "The Terri Schiavo
Picture That the Liberal Media Wouldn't Let You See." Include a long, insane
rant. The crazier the better.

Happy April Fool's Day

Replies: 18 Comments

on Friday, April 1st, propagandhi said

Anybody see that guy who killed a bunch of his fellow churchgoers and his priest two weeks ago? I think somebody should look into that nasty violent book he was reading and ban/burn it. It definitley was the contributing factor to
the murders. I think it was called The "Holey Bibble" or something

on Friday, April 1st, propagandhi said

...sorry, that comment was supposed to be for the previous post. i guess it kind of still applies here...

on Friday, April 1st, razlerja said

The Schroud of Schriavo! That's brilliant!!

on Friday, April 1st, Manamo said

That picture is messed up yet funny as hell!!!

on Saturday, April 2nd, Twitch said

Wow, that totally beats my only joke that I repeated all day ad nausium...
"The pope is dead."

on Saturday, April 2nd, briannirvana said

its no more ridiculous than kenny g sustaining that note on the sax for 45 minutes straight for a record in gunniess' book.

on Saturday, April 2nd, me again said

rodney could shit in a toilet and youd say brilliant.

on Saturday, April 2nd, one more said

i guess if your not worried about hell you can mock jesus.
im like 3po.
not that im a protocal droid but that i worry.

on Saturday, April 2nd, AwareOne said

You are SOOO a protocol droid.

Great idea there Rodney. I hope you plan on posting any replies! Unless you haven't posted it on the fundy boards yet? Brian... go take that to your people. Sell it, its so true. Obviously... Schiavo was jesus.

on Saturday, April 2nd, briannirvana said

I love rodney.
i support free speech.
you have to be careful however when you take such a priceless and holy relic as the shroud and shit on it.
rodney didnt do that but its a fine line, you would agree...

on Saturday, April 2nd, Greg said


on Saturday, April 2nd, mykel aromry said

you can say all thi things you can about my spell checks! you can say i am stupid. you can say i anm a bush follower and a holy roller. but you are stupid. you are stupid! i am a genus compared to you guys. see you can spell the holy bible wong! no one tells a stupid on you! and no strivo! you spell that wrong and you know nothing! it is shivo@ they tall us every day on the news that it is shivo! cant you get any thing right? its a real tarvisty that you can even be in the way of triing to tell us anything
and you are telling us the popei s dead!!!! this is un think able. the pope was a not bad man. he did no thing to you! he was a evil man in his cathorilc views because he is in hell. he was not a christian. they are wrong! you are wrong! you are murders! can you look with in your hearts and tell us that you are right? No!!! because you have noi hearts. when you get hears then you can tell me spell check and what ever you want. I will noever listen to the blind!

on Saturday, April 2nd, Twitch said

Is it just me, or didn't I hear they totally disproved the whole "Turin" thing years ago?

And if Jesus is love, would he really be that pissed off if his image was used to make people laugh or think, instead of killing thousands of tens of hundres of something of people in his name?

I mean, What Would Jesus Do?

on Sunday, April 3rd, Rory said

Actually Mykel, it's "Schiavo." Now I tell a stupid on you.

on Sunday, April 3rd, billzebub said

There is no Mykel. It's a joke.

on Sunday, April 3rd, Greg said

When the fuck did this become "Fox and Friends"?

on Sunday, April 3rd, Doc said

Great idea!! Except I used a pic of Wayne Gretzky and told people it was her last wish that the NHL strike was resolved.

on Monday, April 4th, razlerja said

I don't see this as mocking Jesus (not that there's anything wrong with that). It seems to me to be mocking the freaks who use Jesus to support thier own anti-christian agenda. They are the ones who mock Jesus. We mock the mockers. "Jesus...I will not hold the man accountable for the religion which has been thrust upon him postumously." ~Aleister Crowley

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