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02/21/2005: "David Duke, boy do we need him now."

teacher (14k image)So this morning I'm downstairs, in the kitchen, making a cup of tea when I
hear on NPR that Hunter S. Thompson is dead by is own hand. Anyone looking
for a motive for the father of Gonzo journalism's suicide need look no
further than the latest issue of Rolling Stone. Paging through the
mag and realizing the depths to which it has sunk is enough to make anyone
swallow a bullet.

To be honest (and I promise not to make a habit of that), even at its
best, Rolling Stone was always a hit-and-miss publication.
For every hilarious article by Rev. Charles M. Young about drunken van
enthusiasts there was at least one deplorable puff-piece about Stevie
finding her "spiritual center" (Is it just me, or does one of her
legs look shorter than the other). And let us never forget those lengthy
obituaries of "legendary blues greats" none of whom anyone had ever heard
of, but all of whom were either "major influences" on Bob Dylan, the
Beatles, or both. That why I always read Cream.

Rolling Stone, which is supposed to be (and maybe once actually
was) the standard bearer for youth rebellion, is now a dumping ground for
press releases about teenage pop stars. Shit Luther, no wonder today's
young people are a bunch of pussies. Well, that and the fact that many of
the adults that society places in charge of them are out of their fucking

Case-in-point the New Jersey teacher who recently kicked the chair
from beneath a student who had refused to stand for the national
. Another student filmed the incident (which I highly suggest that
you download for its sheer weirdness).

OK, so what lesson was the teacher trying to impart? Patriotism should be
mandatory? Hey, I'm as patriotic as the next guy (I even belong to an
organization with the word "Patriot" in its name
) but I fail to see how
smacking a kids around until they salute the flag or memorize the words to
God Bless America (teh worst song about the USA EVAR!) is going to
build better citizens.

Well, I certainly hope that Lefties don't spread this story through the
blogsphere the way Reactionaries did with the Wade Churchill brouhaha. So,
whatever you do, don't tell anyone about this

Speaking of the Wade Churchill dustup, it serves as a perfect example of
why today's college students are a bunch of pussies. It's because many
collage administrators are out of their fucking skulls.

While it was perfectly fine by the rules of Hamilton College (as it should
be) for possible non-Indian Churchill to give a speech in which he referred
to many victims of the attacks on the World Trade Center as "little
Eichmanns" (Churchill admitted that he used this term in order to "incite
reaction". It worked), those same rules would forbid David Duke from
giving an equally stupid speech. And yet college students never seem to
question this double standard. Look; I don't buy into that bullshit
(recently beautifully debunked by Reason's Kerry Howley) that
Republican college students face a hostile environment on campus. No,
what I'm saying is that it's time for America's under graduates to get
off their asses and do what it says on their t-shirts - Question

Sweet Jesus on a Rascal, all Harvard president Lawrence Summers did was to
suggest that men and women may have physiological brain differences
and he was led to the pillory by the balls. It's not like he held up a pie
chart and said "…and here's why every woman in the Physics department
should blow me." If he had said that women should be successful in the
sciences because they're "more nurturing and intuitive than men" he'd be
picking up an award from NOW instead of apologizing to half the planet.

While we're on the subject of people saying stupid things at collages, Rick
Santorum will be at Drexel tomorrow from 10an until 11:30am pushing Bush's
plan to privatize Social Security
. I'll be there too.

_ . _

Today's Celebrity Birthdays:

Nikki Knights. The star of Call Girl Academy and
I Cream of Genie turns 42 today.

While Harald V, the King of Norway, turns 68.

The ancient Greek word of the day is:
selhnh - moon.

If the above word looks like ippojshit to you,
then you need to go here
and download the SPIONIC font for either MAC or PC. Dude.

The Latin word of the day is:
ut - as

Replies: 13 Comments

on Monday, February 21st, Andrew said

I heard about Hunter while driving to work today. It's a shock and makes no sense. Buy the ticket take the ride, huh?

What the fuck is this world comming to?

on Monday, February 21st, Nigel Tailwind said

What in the name of Bud Clark is going on here? Here was one of the greatest sustance abusers of all time (how many of you would know a fresh adrenal gland from a stale one?) and he makes the big mess with a large caliber handgun? He must've really hated his situation.

on Monday, February 21st, Matt said

Hm. I doubt that this guy is THAT much of a right-wing nut. Or that he was pissed off JUST because the kid wasn't standing. Seems like he's got a lot of irritating students in his class; I'd be pissed off all the time too. Not that that makes it right.

on Tuesday, February 22nd, Paul Kircher said

What a Gonzo way to solve his problems

on Tuesday, February 22nd, ov said

Yeah, I'm with Matt.
I was expecting to see a teacher going over the line physically; if it was really bad, I might have written the school.
Instead what I saw was a group of giggling kids and a confrontational student, who by his own admission (written in the infoshop article as well as his Veruca Salt-esque "I don't *have* to!", uh, "freedom stand") has no political motive in doing what he did, become incensed that a chair was taken from him. Move over Nelson Mandela.

Now I'm all for questioning authority (especially verbally abusive assholes like that teacher) but I'd appreciate, as a prerequsite, that the questioner actually have a point.
Technically, if I had to pick sides, I'd be on the student's, no question, because he has the right to not stand.
Instead what should have probably been done is to somehow bring to light the verbally abusive nature of the teacher in general. Secretly recording him and giggling while doing it probably isn't going to win-over many minds.

on Tuesday, February 22nd, katinka-katinka said

I think his point is he doesn't haven't to stand up for the national anthem, which is true. If you had to have a firm argument for all the rights you exercise, I think most teenagers would lose out. I think it's weird that the school is claiming that the teacher's constitutional rights were violated, not the students. It's like they have it exactly backwards.

Does the teacher have any expectation of privacy in a room of students in a public school classroom?

on Tuesday, February 22nd, ov said

Yes, there is no doubt that the student is right in this case, and if I were him I'd be angry too.
The only hangup I have on the issue is that it seems to me that the right to not stand during the national anthem (the Pledge, "God Bless America", "Jesus Loves the Little Americans" etc.) comes explicitly by way of political expression. He specifically claims no political expression in the infoshop article but rather the desire just not feel like standing. This is not a lack of a "firm argument" (as katinka-katinka puts it) but no argument. The question then becomes should he have to have an argument in the first place? The answer is no, the teacher was wrong from the get-go to insist that he has to stand. Its just that the lack of *any sort of* political conviction on the student's part concerning a right that is derived from expressly political framework makes it hard for me to have excess sympathy on the grounds of political rights being violated....
That teacher was fucked though. If I had to go to that classroom every day I'd do something, too. It'd be more along the lines of a claim basic human decency (you just don't treat people that way) through in appealing to admin. (which probably wouldn't work) or a parent. Not a video camera, unless it was the only way.
Of course my folks are the type that would have backed me if I told them what the climate in that classroom was...

As for the teacher's rights - I only know enough on privacy to know that it is an extremely gray area.
If I had to guess, the teacher would probably not have a case given that the public classroom probably doesnt constitute a reasonable expectation of privacy. But I do know that there are also very complex cases involving secretly recording individuals in both public and private settings that fall both ways. It would depend upon the context, and given the climate of prejudice against young people in America...I don't know...

on Tuesday, February 22nd, razlerja said

My impression was that the incident was not about patriotism (the teachers) or individual rights (the students). What was going on in that class was basic and animalistic dominance and submission. The teacher trys to rule the class and the kid rebelled. Happens every day. In other news; man bites dog...

on Tuesday, February 22nd, briannirvana said

devil's advocate time.
Why arent there any male porn star b days?
And again i think the porn names should go.
put something respectable there.
like a moral of the day.
or a keen suggestion like:
dont eat that yellow snow.

on Tuesday, February 22nd, razlerja said


Get your own website. Then you can put whatever you want. Until then, 'I cream of Genie' is just plain funny! :)

on Tuesday, February 22nd, Rodney said

Look, I realize that the real reason that this kid didn't stand up was because he had an erection. OK, so his reasons weren't political, but I'm pretty damn sure that his teacher's were. If this kid would've remained seated for anything other than the National Anthem, the guy probably would've let it slide.

on Tuesday, February 22nd, Paul Kircher said

Harald V was great with Peter North and Tiffany Chambers in The King of Norway 2 - Sluts Royale (1996)

on Wednesday, February 23rd, razlerja said


Now I have to disagree with you (happy?). At that moment that teacher didn't give a crap about politics or the U S of A ("teh best damn country in the nation!"). All he was thinking was that some snot-nosed spoiled rich kid was challenging his authority. Patriotism was (as usual) just an excuse.

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