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12/13/2004: "Bush Tax Cut Funds Rev.'s Affair with Teen (& Bernie Kerik Bio)"

bkerik (11k image)I may not have my Ph.D. (yet), but I can recognize bullshit when my Doc
Martins tread upon it. So, a couple of months back, when I came across a
news story in which cockmonkey-in-chief George Bush trotted out Mike and
Sharla Hintz of Clive, Iowa as shiny examples of people who had benefited
from his tax cuts.

"This is bullshit," I remember saying as I read how Bush was babbling
about how the Hintz's $1,600 refund had enabled the couple to purchase a
wood-burning stove and take a dream vacation in…wait for it…Minnesota. Why
the Hintz family was plucking down the cash for that stove and booking a
room in a Motel 6 just outside of St. Paul, Bush's wealthy buddies were
using their tax cuts to buy yachts and vacation homes. Shit, Luther, if
the Hintz clan, along with the rest off us, hadn't been screwed-over by
Cheney's Energy Task Force then they wouldn't have needed that gawdamn
stove. And who the fuck vacations in Minnesota, anyway? "Are these people
retarded?" I shouted at my computer screen.

Well, it seems that Mike Hintz's problems run a little deeper than his
lack of socio-economic savvy. Over the weekend, Mike (a youth pastor) was
charged with sexual exploitation. Apparently Pastor Hintz needed a little
more stimulation than a trip to Minnesota could provide, so he had an
affair with a 17-year-old parishioner.

Sweet Hubbard in Heaven, doesn't anybody conduct background checks any

Apparently not, as we all found out on Friday night when it was announced
that Bernie Kerik was no longer a candidate for the position of Director
of Homeland Security. Now, if you didn't follow the story very closely,
then you might think that Bernie had been forced to exit the stage when it
was discovered that he had employed a few illegal immigrants to handle his
domestic chores. Folks, the shit surrounding Bernie Kerik is much, much
deeper than that.

OK, maybe you've heard that Bernie fathered an illegitimate child in North
Korea, and then abandoned the baby and its mother. And you've probably
heard about Bernie's bankruptcy problems. But did you know that whil
e Kerik was commissioner of the New York Correction and Police
departments, roughly $1 million of tobacco-company rebates were funneled
into a tiny foundation that Kerik just happened to be president of.

Did you know Bernie "the Bully" (he picked up that nickname during his
days as a narcotics cop) Kerik worked as head of security for the
Saudi Royal family
? Well, to be fair, he only held the job for three
months. Bernie was forced to leave the gig when it was discovered that
he had secretly been investigating the sex lives of Americans who
were working in a Saudi hospital.

Did you know that Bernie Kerik and professional Visigoth Rudi Giuliani
are business partners? Yes, the same Rudi Giuliani who kept pressing Bush
to appoint Kerik, who is also Rudi's former bodyguard, head of Homeland

But Rudi wasn't the only Kerik cheerleader. Both of New York's
Democratic senators, Hilary Clinton and Chuck Shumer, could say
enough wonderful things about this cesspool of a human being. And
Democrats always wonder why I'm a Green…

Did you know that Bernie has never been shy about accepting gifts? In
fact, Bernie accepted over $17,000 in gifts from just one guy alone. True,
Bernie had helped the guy, whose name is Lawrence Ray, out by managing to
get him a job with one of the largest contractors to the City of New York.
So, it's little wonder that Mr. Ray was kind enough to pay for Bernie's
wedding (No, not to the Korean chick that he abandoned). Mr. Ray also,
kindly, gave Bernie $2,000, so that Bernie could purchase a little item
that he'd had his eye on for quite some time - a bejeweled Tiffany badge.
Bling, bling.

Did you know about the 1998 arrest warrant that was issued on Kerik in
relation to unpaid bills on his condo? The Taser scandal? How about the
allegations that he beat up his girlfriend and waved his gun around? And
what about Kerik's less than stellar gig training Iraqi cops? And why did
9/11 Commission member John Lehman say that Kerik's leadership after the
terror attack was "scandalous" and "not worthy of the Boy Scouts"?

Now, take a deep breath and think about this for a moment - Bush,
Giuliani, Clinton, and Schumer were all in favor of putting this
walking turd in charge of our security.

_ . _

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Replies: 5 Comments

on Monday, December 13th, Rodney said


on Monday, December 13th, ebbv said

who are you going to trusty?

George "Trusty" Bush or a bunch of liberal media jews?

clearly he was the right man for the job and the liberal jew media conspiracy has tarnished a great man forever.

on Monday, December 13th, SlowMotionRiot said

Wow...from the looks of things, he's made himself out to be quite a slut.

on Monday, December 13th, Raoul said

Do you think that his "problems" with the nanny included his inability to work her into a 3-way with the other two women? Maybe she wouldn't star in a porn movie he was filming? Maybe she wouldn't sell enough internal organs for his sideline medical black market clearinghouse. What a winner! The Bush admin is definitely rubbing our faces in it now. They think they can now totally sell us shit, make us eat it, and thank them for making us safer. Only this time the shit actually blew the whistle on himself. This gets funnier by the minute! Thanks, Rodney!

on Tuesday, December 14th, Nigel Tailwind said

Hey Rod ebbv called you "liberal jew media conspiracy". You gonna take that lying down?

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