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12/09/2004: "Three-of-a-Kind"

crucif1 (40k image)Hopefully, this'll be the last piece about religion that I'll write for a
while. To be honest (which I promise never to be again), I'm getting a
little bored with the subject. Add to that the fact that I've got a ton of
work to do on the Patriots Against Senator Santorum web site, so
I'm hoping to post some stuff here that I can also use over there. What?
Well, screw you, too.

Shortly after the chick-flick The Passion of The Christ was
released MTV decided to investigate the controversy surrounding the movie
by sending a Born-Again Christian, a Jew, and a Muslim (All in their late
teens or early twenties) to review/endure it. A Christian, a Jew, and a
Muslim all walk into a movie theater…

Predictably, the Christian came out pissed off, and the Jewish kid wanted
his money back. Surprisingly, the Muslin (a young woman) was bawling her
eyes out. "I feel so bad about what they [read "the Jews"] did to Jesus."
What no one at MTV (because it's MTV) failed to point out is that Muslims
do not believe that Jesus was crucified. They also have a prohibition
against portraying divine beings or Prophets in art or on film. In other
words, this chick was doubly full of shit.

Few Americans have read the Quran. Did you know that the Virgin Mary is
mentioned, by name, more times in the Quran than in the Bible? Most
Christians are unaware of this. Just as most Muslims seem either unaware
of, or unwilling to discuss, Mohammed's nine-year-old wife.

What's amazing to me are the Christians who claim that Muslims,
Christians, and Jews do not worship the same God or pen creepy "'Religion
of Peace', my ass" rants
. These are the same people who get pissed off
when Atheists mention the Crusades, The Inquisition, or the Salem Witch

Christians used to aim their religious ire at the Jews, until they decided
that in order for Jesus' Second Coming to take place (which they assure us
will be happening any day now ) Israel must not only exist, but must
also be brimming with Jews.

What these Christians fail to mention is that if their interpretation of a
2,000 year-old book of dietary laws is correct, then 99.9% of the Jews
living in Israel will be killed during the Tribulation. The few lawyers,
diamond merchants, and Jackie Mason fan club members who survive will be
converted to Christianity. So if you think that the crowds of Christmas
shoppers are bad now...

Muslims and Jews need each other for target practice.

Christians, Muslims, and Jews not only need each other - the deserve
each other.

_ . _

The ancient Greek word of the day is:
tarixeuw - embalm, mummify.

If the above word looks like ippojshit to you,
then you need to go here
and download the SPIONIC font for either MAC or PC. Dude.

The Latin word of the day is:
celeriter - quickly

Replies: 6 Comments

on Friday, December 10th, Nigel Tailwind said

Read the fine print Rod. Mo-mo married Aisha when she was six. He didn't "consumate" the marriage (teh best marraige ever) until she was nine. A fatwa upon your kufr head for denegrating the lady skills of the Prophet (PBUH).
Read Chapter 9 of the Koran. It's where all the kill the infidel verses can be found.

on Friday, December 10th, razlerja said

More to the point, the pyrimid scemes (aka churches, temples, and mosques) need each other to stir up their worshipers against and keep that ca$h flowing in. And just where would all the Hamas big wigs be withought Lacuid? Would Bush have gotten re-elected without a war? Would Isreal keep getting billions from us every year if the A-rabs suddnly made nice? All of this never changes because there is no incentive for the people to change it...until they run out of homicide-bombers, fanatical settlers, and U.S. service men and women.

on Friday, December 10th, SirAtededge said

Even more to the point, if we didn't need the oil who in the west would care about Islam at all?

on Friday, December 10th, Doc said

Praise The Lord(or _ name of your choice...) and pass the ammunition...

on Friday, December 10th, understander said

What the ass, dude? I was reading the Aisha thing, getting all grossed out, thinking of my muslim friend who was raped by an uncle at 9 (over in funghanistan), agreeing with the person criticizing the apologist, when I noticed that he/she does some hardcore "oh, well, in that day it was like this" things rgarding his/her own faith. Like the example where the virgin girls are to be kept alive for the pleasure of the victors - then the author says "oh well, back then that's what happened traditionally with women". So,retard, i guess thatit being okay to fuck a 9 year old is also, equally, just what used to happen then. Man, they had me all the way until they started sticking up for their own stupid book's stupidity/advocating of child sex slavery.

on Friday, December 10th, Rodney said

That was the point I was trying to make. Christians and Jews love to point as Muslims and say shit like "Damn those crazy nine-year-old marrying, building exploding terrorists" (Which is actually a pretty good summary of Islam) without ever looking at their own history. Born against have been terrorizing abortion providers for years. And how did the Israelis get their country in the first place? By blowing up hotels full of Englishmen (OK, there is something to be said for this policy.)

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