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11/04/2004: "He has loosed the fateful lightening of His terrible swift sword"

rainbow (18k image)The 2004 election of George W. Bush may be one of the best things to ever
happen to the American Progressive Movement. OK, I can feel that I've lost
some of you, already. Hear me out on this:

First, the Democrats are unable to blame John Kerry's defeat on Ralph
Nader, as they incorrectly did for Gore's 2000 loss. That means
that Democrats can no long scare voters away from casting their ballots
for Progressive, third party, candidates by labeling those candidates as

Second, the Democrats just might realize that aping the Republicans on
economic issues is a losing strategy. Bill Clinton's economic policies
were almost exactly like those of his Republic predecessors (Bank
deregulation, for example). While Clinton was able to win the White House,
Democrats lost ground in the House and Senate. Why? Because working
people, seeing no difference between the two parties on economic issues,
began voting on cultural issues.

In an attempt to pick up the votes of working class people (and faced with
a shrinking Middle Class) Democrats would be wise to pepper their platform
with such Progressive ideas as a Living Wage, pulling out of NAFTA, and
universal Health Care.

Third, should the Democrats no realize that they can beat the republicans
on the economic front and continue on their present course (by running
Hilary Clinton in 2008), many of the new Democrats who were registered and
brought into the political process in 2004 might drift away from the
Democrats and into the Green Party.

Remember, in the 1930's, when working people began to vote for the
Socialist Party, the Democrats became frightened of losing their role as
the blue-collar party and began pushing for programs like Social Security.

Finally, the election of Gorge W. Bush has generated a great deal of anger
in the "Blue States. Leftists need to capitalize, pardon the pun, on that
anger. The 2004 election just might, someday, be viewed as a sort of Fort
Sumter in the Culture Wars.

For example, eleven states voted to ban Gay marriage on November 2nd. The
Left could strike back by proposing a boycott of those states. The same
way we affectively boycotted Arizona for that state's refusal to recognize
Dr. Martin Luther King's birthday as a holiday. Maybe the Left can also
use the anger generated by the election to oust reactionary legislators in
the "Blue States".

Who knows, George W. Bush just may've succeeded in energizing the Left in
a way no Democrat was ever able to?

_ . _

My apologizes for suggesting, yesterday, that those of us in the "Blue
States" slaughter every man, woman, and child living below the Mason-Dixon
Line. Hey, sometimes I can get a little carried away. I was also having a
little fun with the idea of stereotypes. When many conservatives say
"Boycott France" what they're really saying is "Stick it to those French
loving Liberal Homo Abortionists in the Blue States." I just cut straight
to the chase.

I do, however, get angry when I see what's been done to southern culture.
Edgar Allen Poe, Flannery O'Connor, and William Faulkner were all
southerners. And yet, when we (even southerners) think of the south, do
we think of them? No, we think of Travis Tritt on a tractor going around
a NASCAR track.

The south allowed its intellectual heritage to be hijacked and replaced
with an episode of Hee Haw. So the south now has an image problem
of its own making. And only southerners can correct that problem. I wish
them the best of luck.

Since I know you people love this sort of stuff, here's how each state
voted, sorted by average IQ.

Replies: 18 Comments

on Thursday, November 4th, razlerja said

That IQ chart is great. No wonder those people are against real improvements in the education system.

on Thursday, November 4th, Pistaugh said

It's funner to be stupid, I guess.

I think most people, over the last 50 years or so, are just voting on the person they would rather look at on TV for the next four years. Most of the people I saw on news shows who were voting for Bush, were saying things like "There's just somethin' I don't like about Kerry. I don't know what it is, just somethin'".

I really think people are very very stupid, and I'm pissed off about it. It's kind of a spiritual awakening sort of pissed off. I had no idea how stupid a lot of the people in this country are.

on Thursday, November 4th, razlerja said

Yeah, I'm still kind of in shock. Over 7 million more people voted for Bush than did in the last election. I really thought that the last four years would have eroded some of his base. Who are those 7 million? They weren't Gore supporters. What rock (or church) did they crawl out from under?

on Thursday, November 4th, jimbob said

The way I look at it, at least now the Democrats have 4 years to scratch up someone better than Kerry in 08. If Kerry would have won this year, odds are pretty damn unlikely that as the incumbent he'd be dropped by his party in 08 for someone else.
So perhaps 4 more years of Bush isn't as bad as the potential 8 years that Kerry might have gotten...

on Thursday, November 4th, razlerja said

What are they going to do? Now that they are exposed as beholden to corporations and rich powerful 'Democrats', how are they ever going to be anything other than 'Republican Lite'?

on Thursday, November 4th, Pistaugh said

In four years, they're going to look even more Republican, too. You won't see Hillary Clinton on their presidential ticket like everyone's saying. That's for damn sure.

on Thursday, November 4th, pathos said

Here in Spain we have a party to the left of the Socialist party - "Izquierda Unida" - which holds about 5% of the vote. Aside from getting their voice heard in Congress and putting leftist issues and positions on the discussion table, it does have the effect of preventing the Socialist party from leaning to much to the right - the advantage they hold on the conservative opposition is tight, and they know that in order to stay in power they not only have to retain centrist voters that could vote for the conservative party, but also the leftist voters that could vote for "Izquierda Unida".

And not just that: since the Socialist party lacks absolute majority they need to govern with alliances and support from "Izquierda Unida", so they can't afford to alienate that party to start with.

You do need more options to insure democracy stays healthy and does not implode into an incestous relationship between just two parties with no major differences between them, as is the case now in the US.

on Thursday, November 4th, Samuel said

That IQ chart is internet bullshit. I just read a thing stating it was untrue. Hawaii is actually one of the lower states in the mathematic scoring for exit level exams. Considering a great deal of the technology companies are based in Texas, as well as many corporate bases, I find it hard to believe we're that low. Also, check out the breakdown of the election by counties. Jefferson County (here in Texas) which I grew up in voted Kerry in the majority. Honestly, most of the northern counties went for Bush...

My write-in vote for Cobb went nowhere :(

on Thursday, November 4th, Samuel said

here's the url for the lie...

on Thursday, November 4th, Rodney said

Yeah, that kinda felt like a hoax to be. But I posted it anyway. Hell, if Matt Drudge can do it...

on Thursday, November 4th, Ethan said

Hell, I recently moved to cincinnati, ohio from philadlephia and i'd completely buy that IQ chart. people here are ignorant and they love it. Not only did they manage to pass one of the gay marriage bans, but they passed other laws. same sex couples can't purchase property together for example. when the new civil war starts i'm ready to tear this place down from the inside

on Thursday, November 4th, billzebub said

I was thinking the IQ scores overall were rather low, I mean isn't 100 considered a moron or something? 80 is retarded.
Shit Luther, that thing said most northerners were only a step above stupid. Although, I must say I don't hold a very high opinion of people in general when it comes to intelligence.

Thanks to Rodney for retracting his statements from yesterday about a holy war. See Rod, you're a uniter, not a divider.

on Thursday, November 4th, billzebub said

But here are some more Southern things you can boycott: Oranges, Peaches that don't taste like dirt, Cigarettes, most Pharmaceuticals, La-z-boy, Ahold USA (parent co of Giant food, Bi-Lo, Stop & Shop, Bruno's, Peapod - corp office in SC), Dr. Pepper/7-up, Pitch-A-Tent Records, R.E.M., Eugene Chadbourne, Superchunk, Merge Records, Spoon, Outkast, James Brown, Anne Rice Novels, John Grisham Novels, TBS, TNT, Atlanta Brave Baseball, Hal Holbrook, Burt Reynolds, Matthew McConaughey, Andie MacDowell, Carrot Top, etc

on Thursday, November 4th, rumpleforeskin said

Whew! Good thing I already bought Deliverance, The Longest Yard, Hooper, Stick and the Smokey and the Bandit Collection.

Burt Reynolds = Master Thespian

on Friday, November 5th, Pistaugh said

"I must say I don't hold a very high opinion of people in general when it comes to intelligence."

Ever been to a 2 Street bar in South Philly? I go to one of them pretty frequently. Makes me feel like Einstien in a room full of ... well, Mummers. It's like that King Missile song, "To Walk Among the Pigs". I get to fart in public, and someone will pat me on the hand, nod reassuringly and say "Nice one".

I don't need to GO to a red state for this, a microcosm of a red state exists just 3 blocks from my house.

on Friday, November 5th, Samuel said

I'm against Gay marriage. There, I said it...not because I'm homophobic, but because if you make it where ANYONE can get married, then you set everyone up for being able to abuse family breaks. It sets up an easy way to abuse the system.

We should make them get down in front of our newly made "Chairman of Marriage Approval". All they'd have to do is insert the genatalia of the other partner into their mouth for 3-5 seconds...if you're willing to do that, you deserve the break...

*not as funny as I hoped this would be*

on Friday, November 5th, Irrelevant (ichirou, if you'd like) said

I dunno, but after this week, I think i'd like to visit a bar, and never go home -.-;

This saturday I'm going to philly to listen to a band called the Advantage, somewhere. they play Nintendo game music. I need some escape. :P

on Friday, November 5th, billzebub said

Samuel said:

"I'm against Gay marriage. There, I said it...not because I'm homophobic, but because if you make it where ANYONE can get married, then you set everyone up for being able to abuse family breaks. It sets up an easy way to abuse the system."

WHA? how so? Why couldn't a man and a woman "pretend" to be married to get these so-called "breaks"? And what are these "breaks" other than health insurance coverage? I am married and before we had a kid and bought a house, as far as I could tell, we got reamed for it at tax time.

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