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11/01/2004: "Look out, here comes tomorrow."

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Well, tomorrow Americans all over this great land of ours (and in a few
countries that we've invaded) will go to the polls to choose between David
Cobb and Michael Badnarik. Some people are calling this "The most
important election ever."

What can I say about the election that hasn't been said already? "Sweet
Jesus! Don't let that colored fella in the booth"? No, Zell Miller's
already said that.

Speaking of voters of color, one novel approach to getting Black voters to
the polls that I came up with (and which was quickly rejected by the folks
at Vote or Die) was my "Hey, my great-great-great Grandfather didn't kill
every fucktard rebel below the Mason-Dixon Line who stepped into his gun
sights just so you could sit on you ass on Tuesday and watch Maury.
Now put down that orange soda and VOTE!" campaign.

I'll be at the polls when they open at 7:00 am to vote. Then again at 9:30
am and 3:00 pm. And once more around 7:30 pm. This is Philadelphia, after

For no other reason than to fill some space, I'm going to share my voting
history with you:


Hmmmm. A trend seems to emerge. Wow, if I'd been a few years earlier, I
could've voted for McGovern.

Sorry about the short Thoughtless, by the way. I didn't get much of a
chance to write today. To make up for this, RATYHTL will be featuring live
"Team Anonymous" blogging all day tomorrow. So forget CNN, MSNBC, and FOX
(Who called the election for Bush two weeks ago), and get your election
updates here.

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on Tuesday, November 2nd, Jackalope said

For the record, I'll be in the City of Brotherly Love on Election Day. I'll be laid over between flights with my 5-year-old for about three hours. Yippee. It will be in the morning so even the airport bars won't be open. Election Day is really going to suck of George manages to steal this one too.

on Wednesday, November 3rd, TVSucks said

Wow! Those are wasted votes
Rodney. Especially Nader thrice and Cobb? wtf is Cobb? You should have voted kerry

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