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The Playlist for January 2013's radio show

Ahoy there, kinder-swine! The January edition of RATYHTL (The radio show) has been posted on Y-NOT's On Demand Page. As always, please help support these wonderful folks' artistic endeavors by buying their music. While some people are content to sit around and complain that there's no good music anymore, others are willing to stand around and complain that there's no good music anymore.

And then there are those of you brave souls who actually seek out new and exciting music. It's for you that I do my show. Well, it's also a condition of my parole, but that's another story.

Song Artist CD
Sentient Wave Form iVardensphere Scatterface
Motherfucker Aesthetic Perfection All Beauty Destroyed
20 Ways to Kill Someone Phosgore Warhead
The Gun Song Ayria Gun Song Song EP
Do It Clean Echo and the Bunnymen Crocodiles
You Even Taste Like the Sun The San Sebastian Strings The Sea
Sovereign Faith And the Muse Ankoku Butoh
Tear You Apart She Wants Revenge She Wants Revenge
New Age of Reason Dead When I Found Her Ragdoll Blues
Defibrillator Angelspit Hello My Name Is
Tombstone SMP A Murderous Mix
Out Of My Head Grendel Timewave: Zero
Inhale Blood Velvet Acid Christ  Maldire
Hallucination Generation Gruesome Twosome Candy From Strangers
Body Machine Body Leather Strip The Pleasure of Reproduction
Electric Man X - RX  Update 3.0
My Friend The Sea The San Sebastian Strings The Sea
Needle in a Camel's Eye Brian Eno Here Come the Warm Jets
Bury You Alive Caustic The Man Who Wouldn't Stop
Dark Clouds Gather Over Vanity Fair Ashbury Heights Take Care Paramour
Call The Ships to Port Covenant Call The Ships to Port
Ancients iVardenSphere (BlakOPZ Remix) I Dream in Noise Vol 2
current Aaimon Flatliner
Tumor DYM Electronic Saviors Vol 2
Unterstutzung 87 Hanzel Und Gretyl Born To Be Heiled
Dil Da Rog Murka Ja Mahi Gaudi & Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan  Dub Qawwali

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