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Acapulcolypse Gold

Like it or not (and, despite a small amount of of amusement, I'm firmly in the "not" category) we live in an Apocalypse Culture. This guy insists that we have until May 21, 2011 (my 48th birthday!), while this joker (and sad, lonely teabagger who discovered the previously unknown correlation between Gays and earthquakes) is convinced that the Tribulation began on 29 September 2008; and he has written a book that proves it! For the more scientifically oriented, there's Global Climate Change and asteroids. If the "experts" are correct, the odds are pretty damn good that you will be dead long before you finish reading this post. Good luck.

One of the more interesting aspects of End Times Mania has been the Right's new-found obsession with the bad investment opportunity that is GOLD. Now, I had intended to write a piece about why so many Right Wingers are shilling for gold companies, and why putting your hard-earned cash into gold is the worst idea since Charlie Daniels decided to make his deepest thoughts public, but I was beaten to the punch by Politico who recently published this piece

...and by The Colbert Report

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Prescott Financial Sells Gold, Women & Sheep
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Since I was feeling sort of lazy today, finding out that my work had already been done for me (and done much better than I ever could've) was like striking gold.

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