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Bitter? I Nearly Ate Her.

"Believe it or not, I voted for Bush. See where that got me?" - Shawn Erfman , mechanic
"Just because you're not handling snakes, speaking in tongues, and fucking your cousin in an outhouse, that doesn't necessarily make you an elitist." - Nathan E. Bulwar-Lytton, elitist

Our story so far: Apparently, Barack Obama has read Thomas Frank's What's The Matter With Kansas and dared to ask the question that the rest of us have been asking for years, leading hundreds of reporters who are white, but who didn't grow up working-class in rural Pennsylvania to comb rural Pennsylvania for comments from the working-class. As someone who not only white and grew up in the working-class, but also lived the first eighteen years of my life in rural Pennsylvania and am one of the most bitter people alive, I feel uniquely qualified to comment.

Rural, working-class Pennsylvanians are bitter because, deep inside, they know that they are the largest concentration of dumbshits ever gather in one location, and that they have no one to blame for their woes but themselves.

Oh, there was once a time when the average rural Pennsylvania sod-buster or steel-worker knew a thing or two about a thing or two. I grew up around people who never attended college yet could talk for hours (nonstop) about history, or psychology, or economics - and I don't mean any of this "the earth is 2,600 years old" or "I don't care what then know-it-all doctors say; that child's not schizophrenic: she's possessed!", or "yep, that tax break for that feller what owns the factory should be a tricklin' down to me any day now" horseshit either!

Next time, I'll explain just how rural Pennsylvanians got so stupid in the first place.


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I just hope that the dumbass redneck population of Pennsylvania aren't as stupid as Hillary Clinton, or at least as dumb as she wants them to think she is, since she still refuses to acknowledge what Obama was actually saying... As a Democrat, I'm disgusted that Hillary Clinton would screw-up her party's chances in 2008 just because she's not going to be the nominee. She's trying to help McCain win so she can run again after his one term. It's PATHETIC.

I think it's pretty obvious that Hillary's the truly bitter one. If she doesn't win, I predict she's going to do some bad bad things for the party.

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