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Aid or Invade XV. and Dean Clean in the News


The latest Aid or Invade has been posted (here's a clue: the country is Brazil). While it's a miracle in itself that the City Paper continues to publish AoI what's even more miraculous is that this month's column appears on the same page as a story about Dean Clean and his old band Narthex (Joe and I got to see Dean and Mike Ace at the Landmark Tavern in '82 - one of the best live shows of my youth. "Hey Dean, where we goin'?" "Nowhere!")

The Latin word of the day is:
blandior -iri - to flatter

The ancient Greek word of the day:
talaj - miserable, wretched, unhappy

The Hindi word of the day is:
khan - mine, quarry


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see this is what i dont understand, why cant people agree on jesus' pet dinosaur. i heard it was a steagasurus. He did say "obey thy steagasaurus lest it takes on a rampage."

Thanks, Rodney. I think that was probably our best show, too. Glad to double-bill with you in the City Paper.

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